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Thursday, September 11, 2008

No Protests; Candleless Vigil Instead.

There have been rumors of protests on campus in response to tonight's forum, but so far there is only a small vigil on the steps of the Low Library.

There are no candles at the vigil because University rules don't allow them. Instead, the vigil consists of a few people standing around a sign that says "Peace is the greatest service," eating snacks and waiting for the campus-wide broadcast to start.

Andrew Tillett-Sacks, president of the Columbia Coalition Against the War and a member of Lucha, which means "struggle" in Spanish, said that the groups wanted to have a bigger protest but it was difficult to organize with the campus on Secret Service lockdown.

He said that outside organizations like Code Pink also wanted to protest outside the campus, but said he advised them against doing so since he knew that the street would be shut down.

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